Served with Rice
Tofu & Vegetable13.95
Shrimp / Beef / Squid16.95
Scallop / Salmon / Seafood Combination19.95

K1. Fresh Ginger Sauce (Pad Khing)
Sauteed w. mixed vegetables w ginger sauce
spicy K2. Basil Sauce (Kra Prow)
Sauteed w. onion, scallion, zucchini, w. chili basil sauce
K3. Garlic Sauce (Tad Kra Tiam)
Sauteed w. onions and lettuce
spicy K4. Red Curry Sauce (Kang Dang)
Simmered in coconut milk w. bamboo shoot, bell peppers and string beans
spicy K5. Green Curry Sauce (Kang Kew)
Simmered in coconut milk w. eggplant, bamboo shoot and bell peppers
spicy K6. Chili Sauce (Lad Prig)
Sauteed string bean, onions in chili sauce
K7. Mango Sauce
Sauteed mango, bell peppers, onions, scallion, zucchini & basil
spicy K8. Peanut Sauce (Pra Ram)
Sauteed w. homemade peanut sauce and chili paste, served w. steam broccoli
spicy K9. Mussaman Curry Sauce
Simmered in coconut milk w. potatoes, bell peppers and bamboo shoot
K10. Thai Brown Sauce (Kana)
Sauteed w. mixed vegetables and cashew nuts
spicy K11. Panang Curry Sauce
Simmered in coconut milk w. bell peppers, bamboo shoot, string beans
spicy K12. Sacha Sauce
Sauteed w. onions, bell pepper and vegetables
spicy K13. Lemongrass Sauce
Sauteed w. lemongrass, mushroom, bell peppers, onion, scallion & bean sprouts